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Dec 6, 2019

Hyperfly Podcast Episode 1 with Erin Herle!

  In the first Hyperfly podcast we spoke with jiu-jitsu black belt and now MMA fighter Erin Herle on her recent MMA ...

Dec 3, 2019

The New Hyperfly FlyDry Bag Is The Ultimate Waterproof Bag

The FlyDry bag is the latest addition to the Hyperfly line of gear bags, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever released be...

Nov 26, 2019

Halle Berry Embraces ‘YCTH’ Mantra In New ‘Bruised’ MMA Movie

  "There’s a model that I live by and that is, ‘you can’t teach heart." These are the words that Oscar-winning actres...

Jun 25, 2019

United by Heart

A shared vision held by a global community of people. United and driven by the same goals. We flock to the same desti...

Mar 5, 2019

Planet 50-50 | International Women's Day

As Winter slowly weathers away to make space for the subtlety of a warmer Spring to inch in, the Hyperfly team would ...

Dec 25, 2018

final destination : heart

Are you living your life playing out someone else’s script or is it that of your own?   As the year comes close to an end, it is usually a time of reflection of the year that has passed and we take the time to ponder on resolutions for the ‘new’ year. This new year don’t think of it as entirely new. Our life is a continuous timeline, time is a construct, a measure to allow society to operate in a functional manner. In this continuum of time, be honest and answer the question authentically to yourself : where is your heart at? 

Nov 4, 2018

Heart of a Champion

To close the final quarter of the year, we will be launching our latest partnership collaboration with our friends at the Champion Brand, at one of the largest creative and culturally relevant conventions of our era. A convention that blends art, pop culture, innovation and much more into a 2 day long event in Long Beach, California.

Oct 11, 2018

foot steps in the world wide web | written by Margot Ciccarelli

Something we often fail to highlight on social media, to our co-workers, to our friends and even to our family is the true picture of our reality. What picture comes up when a stranger clicks onto your social media profile?

Oct 11, 2018

The Art of the Eight Limbs | a shared written piece

Muay Thai developed out of a natural human habit - how could we use one’s natural weapons such as our head, arms and legs to train ourselves; to defend ourselves; to fight; to protect ourselves from danger - to give ourselves confidence to stand up strong on our two feet. During a recent trip to Thailand, the essence and the roots of Muay Thai had become apparent to me

Aug 1, 2018

Happily Ever After | written by Margot Ciccarelli

It was 6 years ago in July, I tried jiu-jitsu for the first time in my life.  It was 6 years ago in July when I never looked back. It was 6 years ago in July. I remember being lost and puzzled, convulsing around on the floor like a fish out of water.  It was 6 years ago in July. My life had changed forever. Or perhaps...

Jul 15, 2018

The Classroom Issue | Written by Margot Ciccarelli

‘What makes a good teacher?’ I don’t always necessarily think that just the qualities of a good teacher matters per se, but let’s first take a closer look at what is the difference between the act of teaching and its objective. Teaching is the act of passing knowledge along to a new person or party; the new party’s goal should be to learn from a teacher. So if a teacher enters a classroom and teaches a class, he/she is engaged in the act of teaching. An hour passes by, when the class ends, the students leave the classroom.

Jun 7, 2018

| Decisions | A reflection on high level competition | WRITTEN BY MARGOT CICCARELLI

A referee that has the authority to make an instantaneous decision on the final outcome of a match that athletes have worked all year for. Hours and hours of work invested into their attempts at being champions in their events to be slapped to the side by a decision that took seconds.
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