Gi Donations



The YCTH. Foundation - Making a difference for people in Brazil, Africa, and here in the United States. While other projects have been underway, we are excited to launch the Hyperfly Donation program here with you!


We are so excited for every Hyperfly item that gets packed up and shipped to our customers all over the world, but we are also very aware of everyone's old gear piling up at home. We knew we had to do something to put that gear to a better use than collecting dust. Any used/retired items that are still in decent shape can allow someone else in the world give it a second life.

Two African grapplers in our LionHeart Initiative Gis.


Have some items to donate? Awesome!

We don't want to donate something that has holes or major stains. If you wouldn't give the gi to a friend, someone else may not want it either.

For every item you donate, we give you 20% off on a new one. If you donate three items, you get three codes. These can be used one at a time on


Please make sure all gis are in the following condition:

    • Unpatched
    • No holes or major stains
    • Washed
    • Matching top and bottom
    • Can be any brand
    • Jiu Jitsu Gis Only


Please mail your gi to the address listed on the attachment.


All donations will be inspected within a week of receiving. Please be patient as, some weeks, we receive a lot of donations.

Two African grapplers in our LionHeart Initiative Gis.
A group of men practicing Jiu Jitsu in Africa in our Lionheart initiative Gis.


Do I have to pay for shipping?

We kindly ask that you take charge of shipping the gis to us. By making a donation you are volunteering to support the foundation and the people that benefit from it. Thank you!  


What else can I do?

We are always looking for new opportunities to support other causes in the world. If you or someone you know would like to get involved, please send us an email at

We would love to hear from you!