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May 10, 2021

What Is The YCTH. Foundation and Who Has It Helped?

One of our missions at HYPERFLY is to give back to our community and use our platform to spread awareness and charity...

May 8, 2021

NBA x Jasper Wong x HYPERFLY Stop Asian Hate NBA Capsule

In celebration of the Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage month beginning in May, the NBA in collaboration...

Apr 29, 2021

Athlete Focus: Overweight Teenager Turned UFC Fighter, Khalil Rountree

In professional fighting the time, effort, and sacrifice a fighter makes to achieve notoriety rarely goes noticed. Th...

Apr 8, 2021

Discover REORG - The Charity Saving Veterans Through Jiu-Jitsu

The REORG Charity is a UK based non-profit organization with a mission to help veterans and servicemen and women thro...

Mar 30, 2021

Behind The Scenes with Flyweight GOAT DJ Johnson for ONE X HYPERFLY

The upcoming ONE Championship x HYPERFLY collaboration is one of the most anticipated projects we at HYPERFLY have wo...

Mar 24, 2021

Stop Asian Hate: How HYPERFLY Plans To Help

HYPERFLY stands with the Asian community and condemns all forms of racism. With our roots in jiu-jitsu and the martia...

Mar 24, 2021

Athlete Focus: 5X BJJ World Champion and Hall of Famer Luanna Alzuguir

She is arguably the most dominant lightweight female jiu-jitsu competitor of her era. She has accumulated all of the ...

Mar 17, 2021

The Top 4 Unspoken Rules of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

** This article was written as a guest post by black belt Nathan Mendelsohn. This article is meant purely as a means ...

Mar 8, 2021

Icon Athletic Shorts vs Icon Combat Shorts - Whats The Difference?

Hyperfly now offers two activewear shorts, the Icon Athletic Short and the Icon Combat Short.  So what’s the differen...

Mar 1, 2021

Celebrating African American Athletes For Black History Month

From February 1st to March 1st, each year, we celebrate Black History month. A time to celebrate and remember the imp...

Feb 23, 2021

Athlete Focus: Hip Hop Rhymer and BJJ Black Belt Nathan Mendelsohn

Nathan Mendelsohn grew up on the mats. First, it was karate as a toddler, then the Korean martial art, Ho Kuk Mu Sul,...

Feb 10, 2021

Athlete Focus: Hollywood Stuntman and Actor Jeremy Marinas

If you’ve seen the blockbuster hits Captain America, Wolverine, or John Wick, then chances are you’ve seen Jeremy Ma...
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