There are many different HYPERFLY gis that come in several different weaves. A weave is the pattern in which the kimono fabric is sewn that also gives the fabric its appearance. Gis can also vary based on their weight, which is known as the GSM, or grams per square meter. To make your shopping experience easier, we broke down the HYPERFLY kimono line by weight.

Some prefer a lighter gi, especially for warm weather training, while others prefer the extra durability of our heavier kimonos. Whatever your preference is, see the breakdown below to find the perfect gi for you.

270-350 GSM Kimonos

This collection features our Starlyte and Hyperlyte gis. The Hyperlyte is our most popular model, and at 350gsm, the lightest competition legal gi we offer. The pants are 8oz twill and so comfortable that you'll want to wear them around the house.

At 270gsm the Starlyte is even lighter, but just as durable and breathable. With added reinforcement in both jacket and pant sleeves, this will be the toughest extra-light gi you'll ever train in. Both of these models are perfect for everyday training, for kids and adults, from beginners to high level competitors.

Shop lightweight kimonos here.

425-450 GSM Kimonos

The core of this collection is our Premium gi - the first gi we ever made and a must-have staple in everyone's collection. The jacket is 450gsm and will become softer with every beating you put it through. Alongside the Premium gi we have the ProComp - equally comfortable and durable, but cut for competitors. With a slimmer fit, it gives you the edge you need on the mats when it matters.

A step down in weight we have the Icon gi. At 425gsm the jacket feels buttery smooth right out of the bag. With a clean, simplistic design, this gi will become one of your favorites right away. Color permitting, all of these gis are IBJJF approved.

Shop mid-weight kimonos here.

550-750 GSM Kimonos

This collection features our heaviest, toughest gis. The JudoFly X became an instant favorite and continues to be one of our best-sellers. At 750gsm this gi is not for everyone and can take some getting used to, but once broken in, it's hard to go back to lighter gis. Pending a possible rule change, this gi is IBJJF legal as of summer 2021.

The latest additions to this collection are the Magnum and the Gentle Art® gi, both made with a 550gsm gold weave. Buttery soft and super strong, engineered like a JudoFly but feel like a Hyperlyte. Although the Magnum and the Gentle Art® gi are not IBJJF approved, they will become your go-to training gi and the best-looking gi in the gym.

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See the latest addition to the HYPERFLY gi collection, the Magnum.
Will Safford
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