Our latest kimono embodies the essence of jiu-jitsu - the gentle art. More than 4,000 years ago Buddhist monks needed an effective, non-violent form of self-defense to protect their monasteries from invading thieves and soldiers.  They developed techniques without the use of kicks or punches that proved effective against much larger and stronger opponents. 

Through the use of grappling and submission holds they were able to protect themselves without inflicting damaging blows to their opponents. This is the root of the martial art of jiu-jitsu, which later became known in Japan as The Gentle Art®.


The HYPERFLY Gentle Art® gi reflects these roots with a strong, durable 550 gsm gold weave jacket that’s ready for battle, but has a soft-brushed, gentle, out-of-the-bag feel. This gi is designed for the hardest, most fierce training but without the need to break in. Meaning it’s comfortable from day one. The pants are 10oz cotton twill and contain reinforced stitching at the gusset and cuffs.

The logo design on the Gentle Art® gi is something new for HYPERFLY. On the jacket's left arm is an oversized HYPERFLY shield stitched with high-density embroidery, so it’s soft but of the highest quality. Down the left arm is the phrase “The Gentle Art®”, which is synonymous with the art of jiu-jitsu, and also trademarked by the HYPERFLY brand since 2017. The logos are repeated down the pant's leg and embroidered with the same high-density stitching for quality and durability. 

Below “The Gentle Art®” logo reads a smaller text, “Art Is The Triumph Over Chaos,” which alludes to those moments on the mat that only the initiated will know. When the heat of battle is at its pinnacle, when you’re stressed and under pressure, when speed, force, and strength are working toward your demise….but you find your technique. When the art of jiu-jitsu prevails against the chaotic onslaught of impeding forces. That is the gentle art in motion.


The gi will be available in two colorways, white and emerald green, however it is not competition legal. This one is for the true martial artist who recognizes the beauty in the gentle art of jiu-jitsu. That beauty can be found in this gi.

The Gentle Art® collection will also include two long sleeve t-shirts in black and white, as well as a 5-panel lightweight nylon training cap. 

Embrace the Gentle Art®. 

The Gentle Art® collection will be available at 10am PST on Thursday, July 15 at hyperfly.com.

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Will Safford