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May 31, 2018

| Worlds 2018 | Worlds Preparation | What do you fear the most? By Margot Ciccarelli

How much fear is too much and how does the Hyperfly team manage their preparation? Social media can often fail to highlight the less glamorous parts of a training camp and the ugly side of training, including the injuries and the breakdowns.

May 8, 2018

The Artist v The Athlete written by Margot Ciccarelli

It’s combative art - a live canvas if you will, but the paintbrush is the player and the canvas is the mat. There is so much freedom to what you can do and the feeling can’t really be described to the tee, but to me, it is blissful and liberating to roll with someone who especially connects to this same trail of thought - the seamless ability to flow from technique to technique and transition effortlessly as a unit - a work of collaboration on a certain level until you find your window of opportunity to submit.
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