The REORG Charity is a UK based non-profit organization with a mission to help veterans and servicemen and women through the life-changing art of jiu-jitsu.

We at HYPERFLY have wanted to work with them for years, and when the opportunity presented itself we were honored to get involved with such a powerful cause. 

Learn about the amazing work this charity is doing below, and stay tuned for our gi collaboration that will be available for preorder soon. All proceeds will be donated to their mission of helping these courageous men and women around the world!

What is the mission and purpose of REORG?

REORG is an organization who is helping those who help us all - military, emergency services and veterans! The purpose is to help people in this community by introducing them to jiu-jitsu and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

How does jiu-jitsu fit into the REORG mission?

Jiu-jitsu is the foundation of REORG, where it all started. The founder and team have all personally experienced the incredible benefits of not just training jiu-jitsu but living the lifestyle. The community and bond that is created through jiu-jitsu is what is truly special and that is exactly where the REORG community was born. 

The isolation experienced by many veterans when they leave service is a real problem. REORG helps bring those people out of isolation and welcomes them into the jiu-jitsu community. The martial art gives a new sense of purpose, inclusion, and identity that may have been lost. 

The physical and psychological exercise that was experienced in a previous career can now be exercised again in a controlled and safe environment. This environment affords the opportunity for progression and promotion through hard work, grit, and dedication whilst building new life long friendships. 

This new community isn’t just changing lives, but saving them.

Who are the main figures in the REORG charity?

We are comprised of founder Sam Sheriff MBE, trustee Tom Hardy CBE, trustee Mark Ormrod MBE, and trustee Trent Scanlen. 

What kinds of results have you seen from your work so far?

We have changed and saved lives through the REORG mission and through our incredible community. There are countless experiences, not just in the U.K., but globally, of men and women reassimilating into civilian life with new purpose and new relationships. Others have simply been inspired by our mission and what we do. 

We recently received a message from someone we had no prior engagement with, who after six months of finding REORG was enjoying living again and no longer wanted to end their life. 

That is the power of our REORG community. Unfortunately, there are still many people struggling out there who haven’t found us yet. We want to let them know they are not alone and we are here to help.

What is the vision for REORG over the next few years?

The vision is to continue to forge forward growing our global REORG community to help more people through the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. We are helping more individuals, groups and organisations. We hope that this will continue to grow through the continued support of our incredible global community. We hope to have more global support with more REORG supported facilities run by those who have been helped by our mission.

Why did REORG decide to work with Hyperfly on this collaboration?

When HYPERFLY approached REORG with the opportunity we jumped at the chance! We see this as an opportunity to help more people around the world whilst working with an incredible brand! 

How will REORG use the proceeds from this collab to benefit veterans?

This will allow us to provide training for more people through our supporting academies and our mobile unit. We will provide equipment and individual training support for individuals who need us. We will also use funds to help create matted facilities so more people can get on the mat and live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle together. We also plan to travel globally to continue our work educating people and providing help to those in need.

Don't miss the HYPERFLY x REORG gi collaboration PRE-SALE on Friday 4/16 at 10am PST to benefit this amazing organization. Presale orders will also be available via our European and Australian distributors and at,

Will Safford