She is arguably the most dominant lightweight female jiu-jitsu competitor of her era. She has accumulated all of the sports top accolades including five IBJJF gi world titles and an ADCC gold medal.

Luanna Alzuguir has played a pivital role in the development of women's jiu-jitsu. Formerly, leading by example on the competition mat, now, as the CEO and head instructor of her new jiu-jitsu school in Southern Florida, AVIV.

We caught up with the newly-sponsored HYPERFLY athlete to see how her approach has changed as she's shifted from competitor to coach, as well as her mission to spread women's self defense throughout the world.

You are one of the most decorated athletes in women’s jiu-jitsu, but your role has changed now to coach. What are your new goals?

I always train hard and look for results as part of my routine. I’ve dedicated many years to training, learning from different people to learn multiple styles of jiu-jitsu, and have developed a strong and consistent competitive game for myself.

Now, as a coach, I realize the mindset stays the same! I need to keep learning and keep improving for my students. The difference now is that it’s not just about me anymore. It’s about the group, with different people, ranks, bodies and styles.

My goal is to build a strong and unique group. Not just for competitors, but for everyday people.

I am working to build a place where people feel welcome, safe and can develop their skills.

What do you want to see change in women’s jiu-jitsu? 

 Women’s jiu-jitsu it’s beautiful, and the level is wonderful and improving! But it still doesn’t have the same credibility as men's. So I believe we need more visibility, exposure, and opportunities to be able to perform and have the same recognition as men. That’s what we are working for.

What are the most important qualities for success in the sport of jiu-jitsu?

Focus and dedication. I believe in hard work to be successful!

Tell us about your vision to spread women’s self defense.

I believe everybody should be able to defend themselves. You shouldn’t live in fear as a woman, but be able to fight for your physical integrity! 

The number of violent crimes against women in the world is crazy. It definitely happens a lot in the streets and random places, but at home as well. So, that’s the reason I believe we all should learn. To be safe everywhere.

Hopefully you never have to use your skills, but if you need, it can save your life!

Our goal is to eventually teach women's self defense seminars around the United States and eventually the world. We are also planning retreat style camps, and looking to build a network of empowered women who are confident in protecting themselves!

What women do you look up to and admire?
I would say my wife Ana Carolina and many of my amazing students!
What’s your current favorite piece of HYPERFLY gear?

I love the Icon Gi and Icon shorts! But I also use the FlyPack everyday. It’s impossible to choose just one!

Follow Luanna on Instagram here, and if you are ever in Southern Florida be sure to stop by her jiu-jitsu school Aviv, where her and wife Ana Carolina Vieira are building confident female athletes who are prepared for competition and life.
Will Safford