Ana "Baby" Vieira Opens Up

We recently caught up with the multiple-time world champion Ana Carolina Vieira in her new academy, Aviv, in Southern Florida.

In our 13-minute interview, Ana explains how she got in to jiu-jitsu, what it was like coming up in the shadows of her world champion brother, Rodolfo, and being the first openly gay female competitor.

We also cover:

- competition mentality

- competing against Gabi Garcia

- why women should train jiu-jitsu

- the challenges of being the first openly gay couple with partner Luana Alzuguir

- and more!



Also, Ana shows the sweep she used to win the world championship here, along with what she is doing to change women's jiu-jitsu.

And, don't miss our "The People's Special" sale where much of our store is marked down to help ease the burden during these challenging times.



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