Right now everyone is anxiously waiting to get back on the mats. But the best thing we can do is be patient, keep our distance, and make the best of our time at home. 

Thus, we reached out to Hyperfly athlete Keenan Cornelius who provided us with three awesome techniques that you can study while at home. 

The techniques involve the paper cutter choke, a highly-effective submission that can be set up from multiple scenarios, including the stack pass, side control, north south, and back take attempts.

In the videos below, Keenan also troubleshoots common mistakes and questions that students encounter while walking around his gym, Legion AJJ, in San Diego.

Keenan Cornelius Shows Paper Cutter Choke From Stack Pass 

Keenan Cornelius Paper Cutter Choke From Side Control

Keenan Cornelius Paper Cut Choke From Side Control Variation

For more technique check out this awesome sweep from multi-time world champion Ana Carolina Vieira!

Will Safford