The world is facing an unprecedented situation as governments, businesses, and people scramble to prevent the coronavirus from destroying our way of life.

It’s in moments like these, when uncertainty and confusion run rampant, that we must remain resilient. It’s easy to succumb to fear and anxiety, or to lose focus of your goals while you’re away from the gym. But right now our “You Cant Teach Heart.” mantra means more than ever.

YCTH. means something different to everyone, but we’ve asked some of the best athletes in the world what it means to them, and almost unanimously they agree, it’s something that comes from within. It’s that voice inside that tells you not to quit, to get one more rep, to fight to the buzzer even when the fight is lost. The thing that says “get back up.”

And right now we need that voice to tell us, “don’t quit.” Stay the course because we will get through this. This pandemic will pass and we will get back to normal.

There’s a certain line in our YCTH. mantra that really stands out during a time like this.

“To never stop, to not let the random misfortunes of life strike you down”

Could you ask for something more random than a flu virus shutting down the entire world? We can’t allow this misfortune to strike us down. We must stick together, to unite, and do what’s right to slow the spread and make this thing go away.

The next line in the mantra says,

But to have the Heart to continue, no matter what the circumstances;”

We must continue. Continue to workout and stay in shape even though the circumstances mandate that we do it from home. To continue to eat healthy and get good sleep like we're going back to the dojo tomorrow. To continue to learn and keep our minds sharp.

This virus is a speed bump on our jiu-jitsu journey, just like an injury that puts you out for weeks. Don’t let it stop you. Don’t let it consume your mind and take you off course.

Spread positivity during this time. Reach out to your instructor, your teammates, an old friend. Mend frayed relationships from the past with forgiveness and grace. Ask them how you can help, even if it’s just a quick FaceTime or phone call to stay connected. So many people are facing this situation alone right now. Isolated from their loved ones, friends, and family in a lonely apartment somewhere. Share the mantra with them. Tell them we can’t allow these random misfortunes to strike us down. To have the heart to continue.

Stay healthy friends, and stay the course.


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Will Safford
Tagged: YCTH