We know you can't get to the dojo right now so our friends from Toronto BJJ are bringing the dojo to you. Nathan Dos Santos and Michael Sheehan are two Hyperfly Canada athletes who were kind enough to share some great techniques to help during this time.

Michael (@msheehanjj) shows a great passing concept that will have you cutting through guards like butter, as well as an advanced back take from a shallow lasso guard position.

Nathan (@nathandossantos) shows two fundamental closed guard positions from the 2-on-1 sleeve grip that can be used from white belt all the way through the elite levels.

Enjoy the techniques below and be sure to give them a follow!

Tension & Release Guard Passing Concept

Collar & Sleeve Lasso To Back Take

2-On-1 Closed Guard Back Take

2-On-1 Closed Guard Rollover Sweep

For more free techniques, check out these three from Keenan Cornelius!
Will Safford