One of our missions at HYPERFLY is to give back to our community and use our platform to spread awareness and charity for causes we believe in. That’s why we created The YCTH. Foundation, a non-profit organization to support this mission of giving back. 

Our You Can’t Teach Heart. slogan and mantra embody what we are about; courage, perseverance, standing up for what you believe in, and most of all, heart. These principles extend far beyond the competition mat and have been at the root of many of our past collaborations and fundraisers. 

Each year we use our platform to bring awareness to major social, environmental, and/or global issues that need help and attention. We often create limited release items or sponsor events to raise money for these causes. We focus these items and events around one thing that connects us all, sports. 

As a sportswear company we believe in the power of unity through the fundamental qualities of sport - discipline, practice, cooperation, camradery, respect. So as we look forward to new initiatives to get involved with, we also like to reflect on some of the amazing organizations we have helped in the past. 

If you have suggestions for issues/causes that could use our help, please leave a comment below, because as much as we try to do, it’s the community and people like you who allow us to keep the YCTH. Foundation alive.


Stop Asian Hate 

$3600 to Stop AAPI Hate Org

Starting in March of 2021 we committed to donating 2% of our monthly profits to, an organization that formed to help combat the rise in Asian American Pacific Islander violence stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

$2225 donation to Stop AAPI Hate Seminar 

We also created a limited release t-shirt to raise money for the Stop AAPI Hate Jiu-Jitsu Seminar organized by Marcus Johnson and Shawn Kato and taught by Paulo Miyao.  Over $10,000 from seminar and t-shirt donations went to


+$10,000 donation to

In early 2021 we designed a limited edition gi to raise money for REORG, a UK based non-profit organization with a mission to help veterans and service men and women through the life-changing art of jiu-jitsu. 

Through this incredible organization hundreds of amazing men and women have been introduced to the power of jiu-jitsu, helping them re-assimilate into civilian life with new purpose and community.




$10,500 donation to and

The state of California experienced the worst fire season in history during 2020. Being headquartered in Southern California, this was an issue very near to our hearts, however it should be cause for alarm for all earth's inhabitants. 

Climate change is a serious problem that has global consequences. Bigger, stronger, and more frequent fires that destroy property, risk life, increase air and carbon pollution, and cost billions in damages is not something we look forward to. 

We donated 10% of sales in the month of September to the California Fire Foundation, which provides critical support to families of fallen fire fighters. 

Black Lives Matter

+$8500 to BLM, ACLU, and the George Floyd Family Foundation

The merciless killing of George Floyd sparked a global movement seeking justice for an issue that has pervaded the US for far too long, racism toward people of color. 

We posted resources, shared videos and graphics, and provided tips on how to get involved with the movement. We also created a limited edition t-shirt to raise money for the family foundation of George Floyd. The work is far from done but we were honored to donate over $8500 to the cause.

Support Your Local Jiu-Jitsu Club

The COVID-19 pandemic influenced everyone on the planet. Some more than others. But one industry that was dramatically shaken up was one that is the basis for everything we are, jiu-jitsu. We were disappointed when we realized we couldn’t train for a while, but we were heartbroken we we heard of the financial struggles so many jiu-jitsu schools were facing during the quarantine.

So we partnered with FloGrappling to create limited edition gear to raise money for schools in need. We created “Support Your Local Jiu-Jitsu Club” t-shirts, tanks, and hats which raised more than $5,000. We donated this money to Lion Heart Jiu-Jitsu Academy so they could keep their lights on and make it through.

One thing we know for sure, the BJJ community sticks together.

Philippine Earthquake Relief

$5000 to

In 2019 devastating earthquakes rocked the islands of the Philippines destroying homes and business, injuring civilians and sadly taking a few lives in the process. 

We created a limited release rashguard to raise money to donate to earthquake relief resources in the country and the response we received was outstanding. We were able to donate $5000 to Give 2 Asia to help those effected by the disaster.

Australia Wildfires

$6,800 to

Our first initiative in the tumultuous year that was 2020 was for the Australian Wildfires. The country experienced some of its worst fires to date and its people, civil services, and communities were in need. We created a limited edition rash guard that we sold to raise money for WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization that works to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspires others to do the same.

Those are just a few of the amazing causes and movements that we have been able to help thanks to the outstanding support of our fans, followers, and customers. We also donate countess amount of HYPERFLY product to great organizations like DreamArt, Lionheart Jiu Jitsu Coalition, MMA4Africa, Harlem Free Fight and Future Boxing. 

We also always include a donation section on each product page of our website to continually raise money for someone or something in need. Because much like jiu-jitsu, the journey toward progress never ends.

Let us know what issue or organization you’d like to see us donate to next. Thank you for your continued support. 


Will Safford