We don’t need to remind you of the challenges the world is facing right now, rather, we want to bring to light those unsung heroes who are making a difference!

As the world battles the spread of coronavirus, and all of the consequences that come from a global pandemic, there are countless amounts of people who are going above and beyond to help any way they can.

Doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and so many others are putting their community before their own safety. Some people are dropping off groceries for their neighbors, teenagers are watching their siblings so parents can get chores done, single moms are managing a houseful of kids while balancing homeschooling and their job, the list goes on!

Let’s recognize them and let them know that we appreciate everything they do. 

Nominate your unsung hero below and tell us why they deserve a YCTH. coin.

(You may remember our YCTH. Coin Challenge from last year.)

All nominees get a chance to receive a free YCTH. Challenge Coin as a sign of appreciation, hope, and endurance. 

Nominations are open through April 30th and a winner will be chosen every week!

Thanks for sharing! 

Will Safford
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