There are a ton of home workouts online right now, you don’t have to tell us. But, have you thought about using your Hyperfly duffel bag as a training accessory? 

Our ProComp Duffle is the  perfect option to load up with weights so you can get functional workouts in at home to stay sharp. The ProComp duffel is extremely durable and has an assortment of handles that can be used for different types of movements. In fact, it’s somewhat similar to a sandbag that is used by many martial artists for functional training.

We put together a basic full-body workout with a weighted ProComp duffle that you can use at home to stay fit.

To weight the duffel bag we used canned goods that we had in the pantry, but you can use laundry detergent bottles, water jugs or bottles, books, or really anything that will provide weight without puncturing your bag.  We lined our bag with two towels to prevent the cans from banging around during our workout and to fill up some of the empty space.

You can use the following exercises in a big circuit or split them in half for two smaller circuits. We recommend setting a timer and doing each exercise for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between each move for five rounds. 

Always be sure to get a good warm up before and stretch after. Feel free to adjust the weight, time of work / rest, and number of rounds to adjust the difficulty of the workout.

ProComp Duffel Bag Workout

Front Squat 

Hold the bag by the outer handles up around chin height with your forearms vertical to the ground. Sit your hips back as you squat down, driving your knees out. Drive through the ground to return to a standing position.

Bent Over Row 

Push your hips back and hinge forward to assume the starting position. Row the bag to your chest by squeezing your shoulder blades together and driving your elbows back. Maintain a flat back throughout by squeezing your core.

Twisting Lunge 

From a standing position take a long step back with one leg, dropping into a lunge. As your drop down twist over your front leg with the bag. Maintain an upright torso  and drive up through your front leg to return to standing.

Plank Pull Through

From a push up position reach underneath your body to grab the bag by the outer handle. Pull the bag underneath you until it has cleared your body to the other side. Don’t allow your hips to rotate at all during the pull, rather, resist rotation by squeezing your core.

Russian Twist

Sit on the ground with knees slightly bent and maintain a flat back by squeezing your core. Recline slightly and twist to the side to lift your bag up and over your body to the other side. Don’t allow your lower back to collapse, rather, maintain a tall proud chest as your rotate from side to side.


Lie on your back with your arms extended overhead holding the bag by the outer handles. Lift your legs off the ground and use your core strength to drive your lower back into the ground; don’t allow it to arch.  Bring your feet and hands together then lower back to the starting position. Only lower to the point where your lower back can stay flat on the ground.

Clean To Press

Start by hinging at the hips and holding the bag by the outer handles on the ground. Drive explosively into the ground as you drive your hips forward to propel the bag upward. Drive your elbows up to catch the bag at shoulder height, then press it over head. Lower in the reverse sequence and repeat for reps.

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Will Safford
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