We are  thrilled with the amount of 5-star reviews we get from athletes around the world, as it's our goal to produce the very best BJJ and training gear around. 

Our gear is used by recreational hobbyists, hard-charging up-and-comers striving to make a name for themselves, and established professionals who have been on their grind day in and day out for years.

With hundreds of satisfied customers leaving positive reviews on our products, it really speaks to not only the quality of our gear, but the effort we put in every day to design, source, and produce the best goods that we can.

And when Keenan Cornelius, one of the hardest working men in jiu-jitsu, stepped up with a review our Icon Shorts, we were anxious to share it with our audience. 

Check out Keenan's informative and low key hilarious review below, and if you've purchased from Hyperfly in the past, consider leaving your own. Thanks for being part of the family.


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Will Safford