Our lightest gi ever just got an update! The updated Hyperfly Starlyte, which features our lightest weave, the 275gsm Star Weave, will be available this week in four new colors. The Sky Blue and Lavender color way will come available on site this Wednesday and the Black &White color ways this Friday.

Some of the main updates to the new Starlyte include a higher, more dynamic skirt line with an edgier cut, updated labels throughout, and our “spectrum tape” inside the cuff and collar. The drawstring on the pants is now completely internal all the way around the waist. 

With added reinforcement in both jacket and pant sleeves this will be the toughest-extra-light Gi you'll ever train in. 

The internal label is a nod to the Pink Floyd prism, which illustrates the full spectrum of light. The number on the label is the speed of light.

The Starlyte gi is the lightest kimono in the Hyperfly collection and is an excellent choice for warm weather training, traveling, or if you simply prefer a lightweight gi.

Keep an eye on Hyperfly.com for the latest Starlyte in new colors.

Will Safford
Tagged: Starlyte