We can’t predict our conception into this world.
Our being; our presence; our own beginning into this world is not within our own control. We are born out of circumstances beyond our control. When we are born into this world, we have no personal agenda to create a legacy or to become great.
We are simply born. We are present in the moment and every second, every minute thereafter is one of learning and growth. A purely egoless time in our lives.
As we grow into this world, we begin to have many influences and begin to form our own ideas of our reality and the world we live in. 
What do we want for ourselves? 
What do we want to be good at?
What piques our curiosity? 
What pushes your buttons? 
What makes your heart race and fall into your stomach at the sheer thought of it?
What do you want for your life?
Are your desires a product of your own discoveries or have they been influenced by pre-conceived ideas of what would be ‘cool’ to have or glamorous on the outside?
Desire can be superficial or deep; neither is right or wrong. There is no right or wrong - just truly, we have to be able to realise if we are living our own truth. The only person we would be deceiving would be ourselves.
Are you living your life playing out someone else’s script or is it that of your own?
As the year comes close to an end, it is usually a time of reflection of the year that has passed and we take the time to ponder on resolutions for the ‘new’ year. This new year don’t think of it as entirely new.
Our life is a continuous timeline, time is a construct, a measure to allow society to operate in a functional manner. In this continuum of time, be honest and answer the question authentically to yourself : where is your heart at? 
Follow your heart. 
Follow your intuition.
Don’t follow someone else’s dream. 
Be uniquely you. 
Great’ is subjective. 
Find your own greatness.
Beacons Point Collaborator