It may be coming to the end of the year, but we are FAR from closing up this year.
To close the final quarter of the year, we will be launching our latest partnership collaboration with our friends at the Champion Brand, at one of the largest creative and culturally relevant conventions of our era. A convention that blends art, pop culture, innovation and much more into a 2 day long event in Long Beach, California.
The annual convention has a specific focus to create conversations of the present day and year, with this year’s focus being on enlightenment and empowerment of the individual.
We are delighted to announce that we will be launching a booth at this year’s ComplexCon and revealing an immensely meaningful collaboration gi with the Champion Brand.
So why are we so delighted to be partnering with Champion?
Since the early days of the brand’s conception, the Champion Brand believed in combining both functionality and fashion into one garment. Over the years they have continued to innovate in creating garments and even design patented weaves for athletes that can be worn on and off the field or court.
Similarly, the Hyperfly family strives to not only design uniforms and garments that serves its purpose in the training arena, but to also be a fashion statement, something that you would want to wear everyday, something you would be comfortable in but also state : ‘this is me.’ There is passion and purpose in every thread.
A limited drop will be available at the convention and on the official ComplexCon website ( as well featuring two live act segments from both the tricking and jiu-jitsu contingent.
The Champion x Hyperfly kimono will be available in both white and navy and it will only be available at the trade show on November 3 - 4.
Our athletes Jacob Pinto, one of the best trickers in the world, and Jeremy Marinas, a real legend in the tricking community, will be at the booth 3 times a day performing alongside the DJ on deck during the course of ComplexCon, so be sure to look out for these guys!
We leave no corner unturned so fret not, we are in the works of setting up a jiu-jitsu battle at the booth in the form of super fights. We are looking forward to giving attendees of the ComplexCon a totally new and fresh experience, unlike anything a street fashion show has ever seen before. This will be our take on performance art with a different lens, combining and encompassing our passions that we share mutually within the team, within the family, within our life.
Together we say it takes more to be a champion.
Margot Ciccarelli