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As Winter slowly weathers away to make space for the subtlety of a warmer Spring to inch in, the Hyperfly team would like to take a moment to talk about something incredibly substantial and close to our hearts.
We are more than ecstatic to have built a team of both wonderful female and male athletes over the years, however throughout the course of history, women have not always been so fortunate to receive equal opportunities or rights. The lack of gender balance is still prevalent in today’s world with a pay gap present in the vast majority of occupational fields and in many countries, women still do not have the right to vote.
Everybody deserves to be heard.
Everybody deserves a voice.
In the month of March, International Women’s Day is observed globally to highlight the extraordinary accomplishments of women in history and also to continue to strive to assert the principle of gender equality and balance.
The first ever observation of a women’s national day was in 1909 in New York, where women first protested against working conditions. Not long after this, 1911 marked the first international event of this kind and this was the beginning of a great moment in history.
This day would go on to be seen as the start of a revolution to inaugurate change towards creating a gender balanced society. The observation of this annual event is essential to highlight women to become more empowered, to be heard, to be seen and to reinstate control over their own lives and futures.
Just over a century later, gender balance is becoming a prominent topic of discussion. The modern day woman is more fearless, capable and empowered than ever before. We stand united for the change we want to see in the world.
We are pleased to announce that Hyperfly is dedicating the entire month of March to International Women’s Day
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Author : Margot Ciccarelli
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