With a new year upon us many of us have set goals or resolutions to create a better version of ourselves in 2022. Goals span from health and wellness, to finances and relationships, to crossing off those once-in-a-lifetime bucket list achievements. 

And, of course, jiu-jitsu goals!

Some of us may want to reach the next belt level or win a major competition. Others just want to master new techniques and survive longer in the training room. 

Whatever the goal may be, the most important part of reaching it is having a plan to get there. Like the old saying goes, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

That’s why we reached out to our HYPERFLY athletes to learn their best methods for achieving success. These athletes have dedicated their lives to jiu-jitsu and have spent years working toward their BJJ goals. 

Each week we'll release a new part of the “2022 BJJ Progress Plan,” with actionable methods, steps, and advice to achieve your jiu-jitsu goals in the new year. 

Part 1 starts with “Self-Analysis”. This is a great starting point, especially if you haven’t set a jiu-jitsu goal for the new year. Self-analysis allows us to understand what areas of our game need improvement. 

Once you understand what is lacking, then you can set a goal and a plan to achieve it.

So happy new year, but let’s get to work.

Self-Analyze For New Growth

By Terrance Souser (Brown Belt Competitor)

I am excited to share one of the strategies that I use on a consistent basis to become a better athlete, coach, and human being, overall - self-analysis.  

Self-analysis is a strategy that has benefited me greatly. As you look ahead, preparing for competitions or simply making forward progress on your jiu jitsu journey in 2022, try reflecting on your current game and performance.

Start by reviewing competition and training footage of yourself. Take notes on how well you performed and things that you could improve upon. 

How did you perform technically? Are your moves smooth and efficient or forced and sloppy?

Are there patterns in your rolls where you are constantly stuck or weak?

How did you perform physically? Is your conditioning on point? Do you need more flexibility?

The objective isn’t to be overly critical of your performance but to take an honest look at your game, see where you can improve, and to put in dedicated time and effort to improve these things.

When you take the time to evaluate yourself, whether it's cardio, nutrition, time management, or training consistency, you become aware of everything that needs to be changed or improved in order to grow. 

Honesty, not shame or judgement, is key when you’re reviewing your footage. 

What were your strengths? Where can you improve? 

Then set goals for yourself around these strengths and challenges and come up with actionable steps to achieve those goals. Think of your analysis as a road map for the kind of athlete, competitor, or person you want to be. 

Positive Self Talk 

The next part is positive self talk. Once you know where you need to put in the work, empower yourself. Encourage yourself to take those steps, to meet those goals. Believe that you can achieve your goal.

Reflect on the things that are healthy and liberating instead of negative and self-defeating. 

Let go of the “all or nothing” way of thinking when you miss a training session, or do not get your hand raised after a match, because that one blunder does not make you a failure. 

When you are cognizant of your own internal landscapes, it will allow you to understand your strengths and reach the highest levels of your performance.

Embrace the process to know and understand yourself so that you are able to improve your game. 

Then never stop analyzing and improving!

Terrance Souser is a competitive BJJ brown belt with 2022 ADCC aspirations. Follow him on Instagram here.

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