We are excited to share with you a sneak peek at our first release of the new year, the JudoFly 2020! 

The latest edition of our JudoFly gi maintains the same tough reputation the hybrid judo/jiu-jitsu gi has become known for with a 750 gsm pearl weave and double weave diamond skirt.

It’s also equipped with 12oz twill pants with diamond weave patches at the elbows and knees for extra durability, and the sleeves and pants have extra stitching for improved grip breaking. The JudoFly 2020’s tagline is “Get your hands off my gi,”  because no opponent will be able to easily maintain a strong grip on this monster.

The newest updates on the 2020 edition include the new shoulder cut we introduced in 2019 and a more narrow cut skirt.

The JudoFly is lapel master, Keenan Cornelius’, favorite gi, and we bet you can figure out why.

Other praise for the JudoFly include:

“This gi is extremely well constructed and I can see it lasting through years of beating on the mat and washings. It has great reinforcements in all the places that take extra punishment.”

Please note, this gi is heavy, and designed to last through the harshest of trainings. It is also not currently competition legal.

However, others have said “I like the feel of the JudoFly gi because it’s tough but comfortable. If you like a heavier-duty gi, this is the one.”


“By far the best gi I own, and I’ve tried way too many kimonos in almost 10 years of BJJ training.”

Here are some shots of an earlier edition JudoFly gi in action, but stayed tuned for the release of the JudoFly 2020 soon!

Will Safford