As the new decade approaches we have our sites set on exciting new projects, meaningful collaborations, challenging goals, and releasing the best new products we possibly can. But with the second decade of the 21st century coming to an end, it’s also important to look back and reflect on how far Hyperfly has come.

What began as a small, family run jiu-jitsu startup grew into a brand and a community of fighters that share a mindset of authenticity, diligence, and perseverance. Like any martial artist, we’ve faced set backs and road blocks on our journey. These are the moments that force you to do or die, that demand that you adapt, grow, and endure, in order to come out better on the other side.

We’re thankful for these moments, as well as the many athletes, partners, and customers who have helped forge our path.

Here’s a look back, from the beginning until now, at ten of our favorite moments on the journey of Hyperfly.

Creation of the YCTH. Mantra


The You Cant Teach Heart Mantra is our north star, our guiding light. It’s the reason we do what we do. It’s reflected in the athletes who wear our label and the partners we collaborate with.

YCTH can mean something different to everyone, but the purpose is the same.

Your Heart is your courage. The courage to stand up for what is right. To never stop. To have the Heart to continue, no matter what the circumstances.

When you strip away the illusions of medals and accolades, wealth and attention, you see what truly defines someone. It’s the hard work that goes unnoticed, the ability to pick yourself up from defeat and keep going. The unrelenting spirit to move forward. That’s what drives us.

Over the years, thousands have embraced the YCTH. mantra. Even big names like Halle Berry and Britney Spears have shown their support of the mindset. In turn, we created a YCTH. coin to encourage people to recognize those who have put the mantra into action and have made meaningful impact on themselves or those around them.

You Can’t Teach Heart will continue to be our guiding mantra in the decade ahead and we encourage you to join us.

Working with Cris Cyborg

HYPERFLY FEAT. CRIS CYBORG from Hyperfly Productions on Vimeo.

Throughout the years we have been able to work some incredible people, from athletes to coaches to artists and more. But when someone really special comes along you know it. And when we met Cris Cyborg we knew it was special.

The jiu-jitsu brown belt and former UFC and Strikeforce World Champion is a remarkable fighter and person. She has always supported the brand and our vision. We have been proud to support her throughout her career, from attaining the Invicta FC featherweight title, to her first UFC championship title, and now heading into her first Bellator title fight in 2020.

Thank you Chris for the memories and continued support.

Building A Relationship with 87Eleven 

So many fighters get their start after watching the talent of actors and martial artists in movies. From Bruce Lee to Chuck Norris to Jason Statham, we’ve all been inspired by their skill and prowess. Gratefully, we made a connection with an action design studio, 87Eleven, who has been involved with some of the biggest Hollywood movies in recent years.

The team at 87eleven are stuntmen, martial artists, and action designers who choreograph scenes for big time action flicks. Some of their recent work includes Deadpool 2, the John Wick series, Black Panther, and many more.

Through this relationship we have been able to share the Hyperfly brand with stars like Keeanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy and more.

The team even helped us create our own “Captain Americana” skit featuring Hyperfly athlete Keenan Cornelius. The project included a crane, harnesses, detailed CGI, and the actual team of stunt performers who you see on the big screen.

The Launch of 324 - Hyperfly Labs 

The launching of 324® was an important chapter in the history of Hyperfly. A new division was launched called HyperflyLabs® which focuses on offering the latest cutting-edge technology products in the field of Cannabinoid (CBD) research under the brand, 324®

After the co-founder of Hyperfly received surgery on his C5, C6 and C7, the pain was beyond comprehension. The doctors were prescribing opioids by the boatloads to contain the pain, but they brought about side effects and an addiction that every athlete is familiar with. It was not until he started a CBD therapy that he was able to find relief from the pain and the addiction.

Because CBD had literally saved his life, it became his passion to develop a CBD program that would be specially engineered for fighters and athletes unlike anything else on the market.

Today 324 is an integral part of our brand and we are excited to offer CBD based strategies that will help make all athletes perform at a higher level with faster recovery and increased endurance.


Hyperfly Collaboration with Carhartt WIP

The collaboration with Carhartt WIP was one of our favorite collabs to date and signified a well-earned breakthrough into the streetwear scene. Aside from the excellent functionality of the gi, it was also one our our most unique and beautiful creations thus far.

The collaboration was even noticed by streetwear superblog Hypebeast.

"Inspired by the sturdiness of the gi and the functionality of workwear, Carhartt WIP and Hyperfly have joined forces on a collaborative Jiu-Jitsu uniform, complete with a tote bag. The Gi has been upgraded with Carhartt’s tough duck canvas and collaborative branding, transforming the martial arts uniform into viable wardrobe accents."

The gi was available in black, navy and Hamilton Brown colorways and released on 2.28.2018.

Making Exclusive Gear For Google, Facebook, EA Sports

You know jiu-jitsu is on the rise when some of the world's biggest companies start offering classes at their headquarters. We were lucky enough to make custom gis for Google and Facebook, and custom rashguards for EA Sports, each with their own logo and colorways.

Unfortunately, these gis are special ordered for each company and not available for sale, but who knows, maybe in the next decade we'll make a gi for the company you work for. =)


Hyperfly x Champion Collaboration 

Every time we collaborate with a new partner we are faced with new challenges, goals, and possibilities. When the opportunity to work with one of the most legendary sportswear companies in history popped up, we jumped at it. 

Over the years Champion has risen from a run-of-the-mill sportswear brand to the apple of every streetwear fanatic's eye. Champion's rise to premiere streetwear brand was meteoric and we happened to release our collaboration with them exactly when it happened.

We even launched the gi at the highly-acclaimed streetwear trade show ComplexCon. The event included jiu-jitsu and self-defense demonstrations, an open mat, and plenty of osss. 

Here's another quote from Hypebeast, who again, picked up the drop on their website:

"Offered in “Bright White” and “Battle Navy,” the Gi and matching pants are offered in 10oz twill cotton, crafted with a 450bm Pearl weave that blends comfort and sturdiness. Champion’s signature “C” logo appears on the chest and the full-length script logo is emblazoned down the sleeve, while Hyperfly’s “You Can’t Teach Heart” mantra appears on the inside of each Gi"

Creation of the YCTH. Foundation

 As the company grew so did its ability to give back. Thus we created a non profit to help out gyms, athletes, fighters and youth. Many of the initiatives we support provide ways to keep kids off the street. Through the YCTH. Foundation we are building a sense of community through martial arts. 

Some of the amazing organizations we've worked with include MMA4Africa Social, Future Boxing Club, Yodyut Muay Thai and Dream Art Social Project.

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The LionHeart Intitiative X YCTH.Foundation Gi A special project for the Jiujitsuka of Africa. LIONHEART creates opportunities for African athletes through sustainable martial arts programs powered by volunteers working to grow mixed martial arts and related sports in Africa. Jiu Jitsu in Africa is growing at rapid speeds, even though many African athletes lack in rescoucres - their love for the sport has shaped a unique culture and determination for positively changing peoples lives through Jiu Jitsu, all across the continent. All proceeds of the LionHeart Gi will be donated to the organizations initiative for continuing to build stronger communities through Jiu Jitsu. Watch the “Pioneers of Jiu Jitsu” documentary on our YouTube channel - Link in Bio. #Hyperfly #YCTH #YouCantTeachHeart #BJJ4Africa

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 Air Jordan Project

More recently, we had to amazing opportunity to work the Air Jordan brand. We threw a special Women’s Self Defense Seminar on the rooftop of the new Air Jordan flag ship store in Downtown Los Angeles.
The event included a custom made Air Jordon grappling mat, two seminars, and a special made Gi for the instructors.

Halle Berry Embraces YCTH. Mantra In Her First Directed Movie

We were very excited to hear that Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has embraced our You Can't Teach Heart mantra! Not only has she been an advocate for the mantra on her social media, she has used it to influence those around her including her coworkers, under privileged youth, and anyone who will see her newest movie, Bruised.

The movie, which is currently in production, is a story of redemption, and the first of which Berry will direct herself. She’ll also play the leading role as a fighter and mother who must overcome a reputation as a disgraced MMA fighter and earn her way back to the top while trying to reunite with her young son.

The movie has many parallels to the struggle and fight Halle has had to endure in her personal journey as a woman of color trying to make it out of a rough neighborhood and through the trying landscape of Hollywood.

We're so honored to have such an amazing woman, actress and role model share the YCTH. mindset!


Thank you all for your continued support as we look forward to creating new amazing moments in the new decade!


Will Safford