In part 4 of the 2022 BJJ Progress Plan we are treated to a guided meditation from Kaycie Hall, a BJJ competitor and yoga instructor with experience in visualization and mindfulness. 

In the previous segments we learned self-analysis, process improvement, and intentional drilling. Here, Kaycie will guide you through an exercise to visualize success on the mat. So often, emphasis is put on the physical aspect of training, however, the best in all sports always credit their success to their mindset.

Explore the power of your mind in the last part of the BJJ Progress Plan. Let's see and believe in our own success!

Meditation And Visualization

- written by Kaycie Hall, BJJ Competitor and Yoga Instructor

Athlete Kaycie Hall holding a gold medal in a blue Gi.

Sit, stand – whatever is accessible to you and just close your eyes. Take deep breaths in and out of your nose and visualize yourself in this moment.

It’s competition day – lots of people, sounds and plenty of distraction. You feel the nerves surging through your body and the mind starts to race with thoughts about what comes next.

Where does your mind go? What is your internal dialogue? What happens in intense moments where you need to push yourself to perform at your best? You can prepare the body all you want, but what about the mind?

This is one of the most important components to not only competition, but life in general. We spend so much time focusing on our physical health that we forget that it’s so much more than that. It’s the way we think, the words we use, the feelings we experience consistently.

Meditation can be one of the most beneficial tools to our physical game. You can just sit, close your eyes and journey into the power of your mind. During these still moments, our thoughts begin to run rampant and this is where the magic happens.

You don’t have to be free of thought to meditate. Instead, observe. What thoughts are you experiencing? What encircles your mind? Now direct your focus intentionally. Use your thoughts for your benefit.

Athlete Brandon Walensky in a black hoodie.

As you sit still with your eyes closed, visualize yourself in your competition. Focus on slowing down the breath to feel more centered and focused. When the nerves hit, the breath will be one of the greatest tools to calm the mind.

Create a mantra. Think of a word, phrase or quote that ignites you inside. What brings our your inner badass? Repeat it over and over in your mind. As you do, see yourself in that moment and how it all goes down. How is your body moving?

All the physical preparation and time spent in training – see yourself executing it all in your competition. See each moment and feel each breath. See yourself reaching higher towards the top – to victory. See yourself wearing gold around your neck.

Now feel it. Feel the sensations of pushing your body and maintaining a steady breath. Feel your confidence lift – the excitement for each opportunity to test your limits. You are ready for greatness. You are prepared. You are here to win. Feel the excitement of reaching your goals – your dreams – and know that it is possible. Breathe it through you.

See it. Create a strong vision of what you want. Who do you want to be? What will it take to get you where you want to go? What does it look like? How does it feel inside of your body?

Believe it. To the depth of your core you must believe in yourself more than anyone else. Doubts and fears fall from your focus and make way for unwavering trust and perseverance.

Achieve it. Focus, discipline and willpower. Test your physical, mental and emotional limitations. To get what you want will require doing things you’ve never done. It requires living well beyond the reach of comfort. No matter what, never quit. Never throw in the towel – use it to wipe away the tears and to see what you’re made of. How far can you go?

Now open your eyes. It’s time to put it into action. There will be doubters, haters and plenty of people that will challenge your mindset along the way – you have to continue to believe in yourself.

Meditation, controlled breath and a damn good hype song will help you to prepare the mind for whatever intense moments await you. You are capable – you are strong – you are a mindful badass.

See it. Believe it. Receive it.

Meditate your way to gold.

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