In the spirit of Valentines Day we want to spread this love. We have a special offer this year and it’s simple.

By showing love for Hyperfly on social media we’ll give you a special one time use 20% discount code to be used on our website.

So how do you show us love?

Easy, it takes 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Post an image on Instagram of you or you and friends in your favorite Hyperfly gear.

It can be anything, a Hyperfly gi, no-gi set, a t-shirt, backpack, hat, bottle. Anything, as long as it’s from Hyperfly.

Step 2 - Tag us in the picture. This is crucial.

Step 3 - Use these two hashtags in the caption: #hyperfly #showlovegetfly

That’s it.

Post pic, tag us, hashtag it. 

You will only qualify for a 20% discount code if you do all those 3 things.

We will DM you personally from the @Hyperfly Instagram account with a special unique one-time use 20% discount code!

Feel free to spread the love and share this with friends!

NOTE: The offer is good from Monday Feb 10th through Friday Feb 14th.

Happy Valentines Day.

- Your Hyperfly family

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