Why we wanted to integrate Muay Thai into Hyperfly

Since the year 2000, the national sport of Thailand has been found in more and more gyms around the globe - it has blown up and begun to become a staple in many gyms whether martial art based or not.

Muay Thai developed out of a natural human habit - how could we use one’s natural weapons such as our head, arms and legs to train ourselves; to defend ourselves; to fight; to protect ourselves from danger - to give ourselves confidence to stand up strong on our two feet.

During a recent trip to Thailand, the essence and the roots of Muay Thai had become apparent to me - a deeply intricate art form uncorrupted by the western world with a history that spanned across more than several regional tribes across Thailand. An art form that could gift a transformative yet empowering experience for women; enabling them to not only learn more about themselves, but to also realise that we have our own tools that they have been gifted to us from birth.

More is not always more - what we have is enough.

And powerful at that.

I was met with humility, openness and kindness from each of the Kru’s (Thai for teacher) as I stepped into a world so unbeknownst to me until now. The jiu-jitsu tatami was the closest parallel to what I was about to entail - we all know jiu-jitsu to be the ‘gentle art’; Muay Thai encompasses both a certain grace and violence synchronously; as Muay Thai fighter and model Mia Kang described it best as a type of ‘violent ballet’ really was right on the money in my thoughts.

I reached plateaus that I had only ever reached in jiu-jitsu, and a type of stress release in the movements that left me present in the very moment - comparable to the flow state in BJJ. I had found a new parallel world that existed outside of jiu-jitsu, but ebbs and flows between the two arts for so many fighters in mixed martial arts.

A new appreciation for Muay Thai began to reside in my heart. Jiu-jitsu will always be my first love, but it has been an enlightening experience to feel this athlete high in a world different from what has been familiar to me for so long. Not long after this, I made an instantaneous decision after some talks with the gym owners at the Yodyut Muay Thai facility in Koh Samui - Hyperfly are now proud sponsors of Yodyut Muay Thai since September 1st 2018.

This sponsorship has already allowed 1 young orphan boy to leave his foster home, attend school and find out his birth certificate information. He is now training at Yodyut and has a family that supports and takes care of him.

The sponsorship is also currently supporting 2 other fighters at the facility - we are thrilled that we are in a position to help kids and people in general to reach out for a better life - for a larger purpose; helping to grow this wonderful sport and all the people that are in it to achieve their biggest and wildest dreams.

We look forward to diving deeper into the world of the eight limbs.


experience and thoughts by K Pakter | articulated by M Ciccarelli


To read more about the gym and the boys we support, visit their Instagram page :

Yodyut Muay Thai @yodyutmuaythai

Margot Ciccarelli