In our newest release we are proud to collaborate with one of the best jiu-jitsu competitors of all time, Romulo Barral. The Gracie Barra black belt is a multiple-time World Champion and leader of the Everyday Porrada movement.

What is Everyday Porrada?

“Everyday Porrada is the secret to everything you want in life. It’s the key to overcoming adversity. It means working, grinding, training every day to achieve your goal, your mission, your purpose in life – where intensity, discipline and a relentless work ethic become your way of life.”

With this mindset as our inspiration we collaborated with Barral to create one of the finest gis we’ve ever made.

We cut back on the logos and frills often seen on “designer gis” and stripped this gi down to its essence; toughness. It’s a throwback to a time in jiu-jitsu before gi’s became collectors items and it was only about the training…hard training.

And that’s what this gi is made for.

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Featuring a 550 gsm weave with a diamond skirt, the Everyday Porrada x Hyperfly gi has a 7 inch layer of pearl weave inside of both sleeves making it extremely durable and hard to grip. It also has a diagonal cut for a fitted look and feel, and contrast stitching at the cuff.

There are embroidered color-on-color logos above the rounded skirt on the front and back of the jacket, with the YCTH. phrase and EDP logos inside the front lapels.

The 10 ounce pants have the Everyday Porrada pattern sewn in at the knees with a 5 inch layer of pearl weave at the bottom, again for durability and easy grip breaking. The Everyday Porrada meaning with Romulo Barral’s signature is patched on at the upper thigh.

Overall, this gi can be summed up in one word; tough.

It’s meant to let your jiu-jitsu do the talking, not the gi. Your hard work and discipline are the focus, only to be complemented by this gi that will live up to the intensity you bring to training.

Available now, along with an Everyday Porrada belt.