Hyperfly has always been a brand built upon the foundations of hard work, courage, community, voice, individuality — and Heart.

We strive to create spaces for those who can’t find a place of belonging to call “Home”. We continue to search for those who long to be “found”, those who long to be represented, those who long to be heard and seen; those who long to be supported, those who long to be BELIEVED, and protected.

We’ve raised our voices and raised our fists standing by those who are absolutely exhausted from fighting their battles against a cruel, inhumane system that seems to continue to get away with injustice and abuse, discrimination and inequality, malpractice and absurdity.

Sometimes, it seems like the louder we chant, the more support we lose. Yet, our deep passion for human rights, human connection, and community still stand. Yet, those who stay beside us seem to stay forever. Celebrating our 10-year anniversary this year is a celebration of and appreciation for all of you.

Now, it’s Pride month, and we continue our support AND we continue our search. There is still a vast group of people in our BJJ community who are underrepresented and don’t feel fought for, and we want to learn where they are, who they are.


Message from our CEO, Kerstin (she/her/hers):

"I believe that all people should be celebrated, seen, and heard. We are all heroes of our own stories, and no story, no love, can ever be wrong. Loving ourselves and others is at the core of being human not just for the month of June, but for every day. We support athletes of the LGBTQIA+ community, all are welcome. Our women athletes are a force, and we’d like to spotlight some male-identifying athletes. Please contact us!"

Message from our Head Creative, Laurenz (he/him/his):

"To limit something we cannot control just because certain individuals think they know what is right, is foolish and immoral. There’s no one way that works for all us 7 billion, no playbook that can tell someone how to love. You might know what’s best for you, but love is complex, it knows no limits, shapes, or colors. It’s fluid.

Love guides us, brings us together, helps us dig deep and build the life our heart & minds desires. The role that love plays for one's individual journey is not for us to decide, but simply to support."


How can we support you? What do you look for in order to feel safe? What can we do to help you feel more comfortable? What can we do to let you know that you are welcomed here and you belong here? What can we fix? What can we do more of? What should we do less of?

We aren’t always perfect, but we try. We aren’t always perfect, but we learn. We aren’t always perfect, but we act. We aren’t always perfect, but we know what we stand for — Humans. We aren’t always perfect, so we need help, support, and accountability too.

So much of the world seems to get harder and heavier, and hope seems to fade away as the days go by. Whether it’s the color of our skin or who we want to love, our most authentic selves are constantly under attack.

YCTH family, this Pride month, we ask everyone to come together in unity, in compassion, in allyship. Let us listen, let us encourage, let us support, let us be ready to celebrate when they are ready to be celebrated. Let us have the agility and endurance to continue the good fight, to continue to empathize. Let us also have the patience and grace with ourselves to be open to love and to receive love.

Finally, let us acknowledge and give credit where it’s due — to the Black and brown LGBTQIA+ community (and their history) who began the traditions of Pride Month in the first place, introducing the world to awareness and activism for liberation and equality, all the while they, themselves, were being marginalized, discriminated against with violence, oppressed by lack thereof income, housing, education, employment, access to health care, and more.

Let us never forget June 28th, 1969, when NYPD raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar, and violently acted upon its employees and guests, majority of whom were Black or brown — which led to the Stonewall Riot — which started Pride Month.

This Pride month, let us not forget its purpose, and continue to humble ourselves in respects to those of the community with their individual stories. Stories that can include homophobia, loss, defeat, violence, discrimination, betrayal, and trauma.

The good fight can never be fought alone, and, with heart, we stand together.

With heart, with love, with gratitude to the Hyperfly family for years of support,

Written by Jiggy Yoon (she/her/hers)


This Pride Month, HYPERFLY is donating 100% of profits from our Pride Tee to the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. https://blacktrans.org/

Their mission is to Improve the Black trans human experience by overcoming violence and injustice in the world through the power, value and love of all people.


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