Enough is enough. The injustice towards people of color has gone on for far too long. We at Hyperfly are passionate about helping to bring about the much needed change in America. We're working to help bring equality and fairness to all ethnicities. 

We have been using our platform to provide resources for people to get involved to bring about that change. We will not sit back any longer and allow the horrible injustices towards blacks and minorities continue. 

We encourage you to follow suit.

Here is a list of resources to get involved, from educating yourself, to donating to the cause, to tips on protesting peacefully.

We are in this fight together, thank you for being part of it with us.


Find out about local elections and your elected officials. What did they support and vote for last? Do they support the movement? Reach out and demand change, you can send emails, letters, or make calls to voice your demands.



make sure your organization of choice is still soliciting donations beforehand. Donating to local, grassroots formations is potentially the most impactful way to prioritize funds. Larger, national organizations tend to attract more resources so it’s worth doing some research about who is operating in your local community.

Nevertheless, the following organization are putting their funds to use all over the country. 


Find local organizers and news channels to stay in the loop about protests, petitions, city council meetings, and elections

  • Instagram Accounts










If you are showing symptoms of the coronavirus please make sure you stay home. If you are healthy and want to get out there please do so safely.

1. Be prepared before you go.

  • Stay hydrated and dress for weather.
  • Bring supplies like masks, hand sanitizer, food, and first aid.
  • Inform an emergency contact.

2. Know your environment.

  • Research and save a map of the area.
  • Designate rally points with groups.
  • Know routes in and out of the protest.

3. Stay alert of your surroundings.

  • Maintain situational awareness and maintain social distancing when possible.
  • Pay attention to suspicious people, packages, or vehichles.
  • Stay away from public trash cans and mailboxes.

4. Be prepared to react.

  • Find cover or conceal yourself in the event of an immediate threat.
  • In the event of a chemical agents, cover your face and move upwind.
  • If there's an explosion, exit quickly and safely.


Will Safford