Sav Wright

Purple Belt
Instagram: @savi613

I started training for competitive jiu-jitsu in 2017, but spent 14 years in other martial arts prior to shifting my focus. My background is in MMA, and that was where I thought I was headed, however, after my first bjj competition in 2017, I accidentally fell in love with sport jiu-jitsu! Since then, I've been training and competing primarily in nogi, but also continue to make time for striking and MMA.

My favorite part of training in any martial art is the lifestyle that it requires. It's so unlike any other sport and truly demands me to make lifestyle choices that improve my health and quality of living. I love learning new techniques, and most importantly, I love all of the amazing friends I've made throughout my years of training.

My most memorable moments so far related to my jiu-jitsu career have been attending ADCC, meeting some of my favourite athletes, and getting the chance to compete against the women I've looked up to for years.

Fun Fact: I'm a full time landscape architect (but would love to retire early and open a gym)!