Sav Wright

Purple Belt
Instagram: @savi613

I started training for competitive jiu-jitsu in 2017, but spent 14 years in other martial arts prior to shifting my focus.

 My background is in MMA, and that was where I thought I was headed, however, after my first BJJ competition in 2017, I accidentally fell in love with sport jiu-jitsu!

Early in my teenage years I was diagnosed with severe anxiety, panic, and derealization disorder, which has made consistent training and competing challenging at times. I’ve learned to slow my life down and focus on training for stability and fun, when I feel good and up to it.

My most raw, vulnerable and authentic self has allowed me to connect deeper with people and inspire others to overcome adversity. The most memorable moments in jiu-jitsu are always the ones where I’m connecting with other athletes, training/competing with idols I’ve looked up to for years, and feeling whole from the joy and gratuity that jiu-jitsu brings at its core.Some of my long term goals are to get my black belt, continue competing when I can, and maybe open a school one day!

The possibilities are endless with the right support, but my current priority is to expand the jiu-jitsu community through the increased discussion of mental health and disability so that we can create more diverse training rooms.Fun Fact: I hold a Bachelor AND Master of Landscape Architecture and I work full time as a landscape architect/interior designer when I’m not training!