Pamela Boveda Aguirre

Black Belt
Instagram: @pamheks

I started training bjj in Ciudad del este Paraguay, in 2006, but I did only for a year. I was watching some guys train and I found it interesting so I asked if girls could train too (by that time there were no girls in Ciudad del este Paraguay training). After a year training I had to stop because I moved to Argentina because of my studies, but in 2012 when I got back I never stopped training again.

My favorite part about jiu jitsu is getting to know myself deeply and also traveling. Jiu Jitsu helps you to see and understand things about yourself, and I also enjoy traveling so much and getting to know new places and people.

My biggest accomplishment is that I became an inspiration to a lot of girls in my country, by being the first and one of the few black belts here, and that even with my studies I was able to keep training and pushing myself. Also I am very happy that I have been in big tournaments, and had some good results and also that I am a Referee at IBJJF tournaments.