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Mykoda Hummel

Yellow/Black Belt
Instagram: @thephoenixbeefcake

Starting my jiu-jitsu journey at the age of 4 at 10th Planet San Diego, I started my Jiu Jitsu journey with No-Gi grappling. By the time I was 8 years old, I made the switch to Atos HQ, to train with a focus on Gi jiu-jitsu and compete as part of their world renowned kids competition team.

Adapting to the nuances of Gi jiu-jitsu wasn't easy. Grips, chokes, it felt like starting from scratch. There were hard moments, but I persevered, eventually mastering the art with the Gi. My ultimate goal was to claim victory at the IBJJF Pan Kids Championship.

Year after year, I put in the work, consistently making podium finishes but falling short of that coveted first-place title. Nevertheless, I refused to back down. Finally, after relentless dedication, I secured the top spot at the IBJJF Pan Kids, achieving a milestone I had set my sights on.

While my heart still lies with No-Gi, I've come to appreciate the challenge of Gi jiu-jitsu. With the flexibility of homeschooling, I'm now channeling my energy towards a new ambition: becoming an ADCC champion. Now that I'm a teen, I am able to train on the adult competition team under 6x ADCC champion Andre Galvao. Through perseverance and dedication, I'm ready to tackle this next chapter of my journey with determination and passion as a member of team Hyperfly.