Lauren Rojas

Purple Belt
Instagram: @lolo__mma

I started Training jiujitsu when I was 13 years old. I had started with Muay Thai a year prior and felt confident enough to try jiu jitsu next. After having my first muaythai fight at 13 years old I knew I wanted to be an mma fighter and I started Bjj right after that. 

 My favorite part of jiu jitsu , it sounds boring but it really is learning and drilling new techniques. I love being a student and feeling like I’m growing. My favorite part about competing in jiu jitsu however is it’s inclusivity. Coming from a striking background it’s cool to see how many weight classes / divisions there are in Bjj. Which make it a lot more available to all people and ages ! Which in may thai / kickboxing there’s not as much. 

My biggest accomplishment in Bjj Is winning worlds and pans as a blue belt in 2018 .That same year I received my purple belt after being blue for well over 5 years.

 A fun fact about myself is I have a secret foodie page on Instagram @oside_foodie and I also love to paint and draw in my free time.