Lyte Gis

Hyperlyte, Icon, Hyperlyte Pro - Premium cut, super light Gi

Perfect for those stuffy gym sessions, the most comfortable Gi you will ever wear.

Icon                  A0 --> 3.0 lbs    A2 --> 3.4 lbs    A4 --> 4.0 lbs

Hyperlyte         A0 --> 2.7 lbs    A2 --> 3.1 lbs    A4 --> 3.6 lbs

Hyperlyte Pro  A0 --> 2.5 lbs    A2 --> 2.9 lbs    A4 --> 3.4 lbs

Starlyte            A0 --> 2.4 lbs    A2 --> 2.8 lbs    A4 --> 3.1 lbs (not IBJJF approved)


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