10 Years of HYPERFLY: Vol 3 - The 5 Year Mark

There’s a 50% chance you’ll make it to your fifth year in business. That number is strikingly similar to those who make it to purple belt. After five years, those who can hack it are still around, in business and in jiu-jitsu.

In part 1 we explained how the fun really started around the “purple belt” years, once our operations were established, key relationships had been formed, and our reach was spreading to new parts of the world.

During these years we were able to expand our product line, releasing some of the best grappling gear the jiu-jitsu community had ever seen. New doors opened to us in the form of marquee partnerships, exclusive collaborations, and new channels of distribution.

It was an exciting time of growth and exploration, and marked a pivotal period in the history of Hyperfly.

Purple Belt Years (2015-2016)

The time between 2015 and 2016 was a period of “firsts” for Hyperfly. It was the first time we released many iconic new products (that are still staples in our collection today), the first time we had world wide distribution, and the first time we transcended the general jiu jitsu community to reach new markets in big business and mainstream industries.

In 2015 we introduced the Supreme Rashguard, the first edition in a series of high-performing rashguards specifically developed for HYPERFLY and unlike the world of jiu-jitsu had ever seen. The design, materials, and performance of this rashguard set it apart from all of the rest on the market. 

It’s impeccable fit, strategically placed mesh panels, and high-quality material made it one of a kind. And since its inception, we have only improved on it making it one of the most sought-after rashguards in the world. 

During these years we also introduced two new kimonos, the first HYPERFLY ProComp, made specifically for competitors, and the Icon, one of our cleanest gi designs to date. Both are still available today and worn around the world by competitors and hobbyists alike.

Adding to the ProComp line we also introduced a duffle bag series, which gave athletes more options to carry their gear to and from class or competition.

We also trademarked the phrase “The Gentle Art,” which is what “jiu-jitsu” loosely translates to, and began releasing branded products. In fact, we just recently launched the first The Gentle Art gi.

Our partnerships flourished during this period. We made connections with the likes of EA Sports, ONNIT, and even mega-brand, Google, creating custom gear for each.

One of our most rewarding partnerships was with the 8711 stunt gym in Los Angeles. They are the masterminds behind some of the most epic fight scenes in Hollywood, including the blockbuster John Wick.

To this day we still supply the stuntmen and crew at 8711 with gis and training gear.

A major partnership during this time was made with BJJ innovator Keenan Cornelius, who we signed in 2015. As he stormed through the competitive jiu-jitsu scene with new techniques and strategies he did it with the full support of the Hyperfly family.

The purple belt years were also when we established something very near and dear to our hearts, the YCTH. Foundation. We set up this foundation to give back to the BJJ community and to a greater extent, the world.

Since its creation we have been able to raise and donate tens of thousands of dollars for causes like Lionheart Jiu Jitsu Coalition, MMA4Africa, Dream Art, Black Lives Matter, Covid Relief, Wildfire Relief, and many others. This has all been possible due to our amazing fans, supporters, and customers. We are eternally grateful for your support.

Brown Belt Years (2017-2019)

The brand was really moving toward the last half of the 2010’s. Now with worldwide distribution established and our relationships extending beyond the world of jiu jitsu, we were able to collab with some of the biggest, most established names in fashion.

In early 2018 we collaborated with the iconic Carhartt WIP brand in one of our most anticipated drops to date, the Carhartt WIP x HYPERFLY kimono.

Later that year we released a collaboration with the legendary sportswear brand Champion, which we debuted at the ComplexCon tradeshow in LA.

That year solidified HYPERFLY with some of the most desirable brands in all of streetwear.

We also partnered with Facebook for training gear for their headquarters, as well as Hurley, creating gear for surfers who train jiu jitsu.

In 2019 we partnered with Jumpman LA for a women’s self-defense seminar. As well as Romulo Barral for a limited edition Everyday Porrada gi.

During those years we also released some pretty important products, including the JudoFly, a first of its kind heavy-duty kimono blending the durability of a Judo gi with the fit of a jiu jitsu kimono. It’s now on its third edition.

Finally, we launched Hyperfly Labs, 324, which stands for the alphabetical letters CBD. This is a division dedicated to effective CBD supplements for athletes. When our founder was badly hurt with a neck injury he set out to find a solution to his ongoing pain.

Once he experienced the powerful effects of CBD supplementation he created the 324 Roller to share its benefits with the BJJ community. We now offer CBD in pill and tincture forms, in addition to the roller.

Stay tuned for part 4 of 10 Years of Hyperfly, where we look back at the challenges of operating a business through the ails of a pandemic, as well as what lies ahead for HYPERFLY.

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