Kaya Anderson

Yellow/Black Belt
Instagram: @kayajohnjitsu

I started my Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) journey at the age of 6 at Cassio Werneck BJJ in Sacramento. However, my dad has been training me in the principles of BJJ since as far back as I can remember. BJJ is more than a hobby or a passing interest for me; it is my life. I am a warrior that has descended from a long line of warriors...from my sister who is currently serving in the United States Navy, to as far back as my great grandfathers who fought in WWII (Siege of Bastogne and the liberation of Paris).

I started competing in local BJJ tournaments at the age of 7 and enjoyed testing myself against the best competitors. In 2019 my family moved, and I left Cassio Werneck BJJ and started training at Ralph Gracie BJJ in Natomas, CA. Under the watchful eye of academy owner and head instructor Manny Gonzales, I have developed into a true champion. As my dedication to the sport of BJJ increased, my skills grew, and I have improved to the point where I have been undefeated since 2022 and have earned two back-to-back ADCC Championships [in my age and weight bracket].

In order to remain at the very top of the competitive mountain, it is important to make continuous improvement and diversify my skillset. To that end, I have added the disciplines of Judo, wrestling, weight training, and sound nutrition and diet to my training regimen which consists of 4 to 5 hours of training every day. Since 2021, I have also been train in Muay Thai at Jaguar Muay Thai Academy in Natomas, CA under Kru Josh Kretschmann.

I am constantly challenging myself and expanding my competitive goals. My current goals are to continue competing nationwide, and ultimately, to go onto the worldwide stage. This is but a brief glimpse into my warrior lifestyle and never say die, never quit mindset...which is very similar to the Hyperfly mantra, "You Can't Teach Heart."