Isaque Bahiense

Black Belt

I started training jiu jitsu as a child in a social project with professor Fábio Andrade in Bangu, a favela in Rio de Janeiro. In a short time I already realized that I wanted to be a professional athlete, I started competing and doing various jobs to keep myself in jiu jitsu such as: carrying groceries in the market, sweeping buses etc. As a purple belt I made a very important decision, I moved to São Paulo and joined the Alliance team, where I graduated as a Black Belt. I was world champion at all belts, and I started to gain a lot of attention for my guard passes and takedowns.

Today I am the leader of Dream Art, a team 100% focused on competition, 1 year ago we started to defend our own flag and today I see a very promising future in this project, where we transform lives and help high performance athletes to achieve their dreams without need to give up the basics. I've already fulfilled many dreams, I was able to help my family, and I'm still full of ambitions and the desire to win and conquer higher goals.

It is very gratifying to have Hyperfly support since my blue belt, they participated in all the most important moments of my career, accompanying and helping me throughout the journey. My main titles in black belt: 1x World champion, 2x European champion, 2x World pro champion, 1x Pan American champion, Adcc trials champion, 3x Bjj Stars champion, 1x Bjj Bet champion, 1x King of Mats champion, and1x Big Deal champion.