Cash Serra

Yellow/Black Belt
Instagram: @jcashbjj

Hi. My name is Jayden Serra, but most people call me Cash. I'm from Las Vegas, and I train at SD Academy (Cobrinha Henderson) under Sam and Gizelle Dias. 

I was an athlete before I started Jiu Jitsu, as I played Soccer for around 4 years. My dad was really the one who got me into Jiu Jitsu; He's been on the mats since 2010 and wanted me to join when I was super young, but waited until I got a little bigger to sign me up.The beginning of 2021 was when I started training Jiu Jitsu. My first gym was Atos Las Vegas, where I learned the basics of Gi and No-Gi. I started my competition journey as a white belt, where I was winning gold at every small competition. Until I was very humbled at my first IBJJF competition as a fresh grey-white belt, losing in the first round. This experience didn't stop me though, I continued training and competing.I met my Uncle Sam and Auntie Gizelle, who invited my family to try out a class at Cobrinha Las Vegas in February of 2023.

I was told to train in the adults class, as I'm a big kid and wouldn't get the same training in the kids class. I immediately fell in love with the training, the technique, and the family vibe. I ended up winning gold at Pan Kids 2023, with Uncle Sam, Auntie Gizelle, and Professor Frank Cespedes in my corner.When Uncle Sam Dias and Auntie Gizelle Dias opened their own Jiu Jitsu gym in January 2024, I followed them to the new gym.

I currently train at SD Academy (Cobrinha Henderson) with my family.Ever since starting Jiu Jitsu, I've learned to be humble with my wins and learn with my losses, to be disciplined, to be respectful to others around me; to persevere through hard challenges, and to keep going even if I feel like giving up. I have made many friends turned to family throughout my journey. I'm confident in my technique and I know that my SD Academy team is there to support me and have my back.

This sponsorship with Hyperfly means a lot to me. I still have many more competitions to come and so many things I want to do. I know the Hyperfly Competition Team and I are going to do big things in the future!