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Aven Oliver Viek

Grey/Black Belt
Instagram: @aven_the_avenger

Hi, my name is Aven Oliver Viek. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am currently an 8 year old grey and black belt training under Chris Engle Cascao Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In a lot of ways, I am like every other eight year-old boy in that I like action figures, superhero movies and playing with my friends. However, one thing that is a little bit different about me is that my family are all life long martial artists. My mom, dad and sister have all trained and competed in martial arts and my parents train Jiu Jitsu with me.

My Jiu Jitsu journey originally started when I was three years old, however due to my parents schedule and the location of the school, I was not able to train consistently and after about a year I stopped training. In 2020 after everything started reopening, I started to train consistently and had my first tournament in 2021. Since then I have done well in competitions and won almost every tournament that I have entered including winning a nogi super fight at Fight To Win 230. I also started wrestling and finished my first season with a 30-3 record winning the Nevada State championship. In total I have had over 100 competition matches between Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. In June 2023, I started training under professors Chris and Mylene Engle and the level of my Jiu Jitsu has improved tremendously.

Being sponsored by Hyperfly has been a dream of mine for over three years as it is the only gi that I wear and in my opinion, the coolest Jiu Jitsu company in the world. Also the motto of "You Can't Teach Heart" has a special meaning to me as my parents have always told me that I always give 100% in every match that I have because I have a huge heart and that is something that you can't teach. It's literally our competition motto that my dad reminds me of before every match. I hope to make Hyperfly proud by being an athlete who really believes in the spirit of martial arts and conducts himself as a champion on and off the mats.