Hyperlyte 3.5 Coral Pink


Color: Black
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Introducing Hyperlyte 3.5: A Classic Reinvented

The 3.5 has been updated to a 380gsm weave, in order to comply with the recent change in IBJJF competition rules. This Gi is 100% comp legal.

We've recharged the timeless nature of the Hyperlyte, while preserving its core values of excellence, resilience, and minimalism.

Crafted from a soft yet tactile 380gsm woven cotton fabric, and featuring a reimagined icon panel stitching, this new standard-bearer showcases a polished and refined aesthetic.

The Hyperlyte 3.5 is fully compliant with IBJJF competition rules, making it the ultimate choice for athletes seeking a lightweight yet full-bodied competition Gi.


  • Simplified shield on arms
  • 380 gsm superfine woven cotton
  • New icon stitching on back of jacket
  • Label on front right
  • Inside You Can't Teach Heart print
  • EVA foam collar


  • 8 oz. twill pants
  • New icon stitch pattern on pants
  • Internal, flat drawstring

*Not pre-shrunk - wash cold and hang dry*

Weight by size:

A0 ➔ 3.1 lbs    A2 ➔ 3.4 lbs    A4 ➔ 3.7 lbs 

egal for IBJJF or UAEJJF competitions.