Gabi McComb

Black Belt 
Instagram: @gabimcbjj

I started training in a federal cops Jiu Jitsu project at 8 years old by influence of my old sister Andrea McComb who had trained before. Since then I've never stopped.

For me the fun part about jiu jitsu is how it completely changed my life. As a kid I was very insecure and sad about the traumas that happened trough my childhood but jiu jitsu gave the light that I needed in life. I felt important, I got confidence, and I felt like I can be good in something. It  made me a hard worker and persistent to follow my dreams. If I didn’t do Jiu Jitsu, honestly I don’t know what would be doing of my life. 

At first I had in my head I needed to be a world champion and after I got that, I saw how that wasn’t really my purpose. I want to help and share jiu jitsu to make a difference in peoples lives. Same way jiu jitsu changed my life, and that will be my big accomplishment with jiu jitsu, to help people deal with their traumas so they can be better humans for a better world.

Fun fact, I have mean looking face but I have the biggest heart ever.