Terrance Souser

Brown Belt 
Instagram: @tsouserbjj

The commitment to my journey started after I made a promise to my long time friend, Marvin Morris before I headed to Afghanistan on deployment. That year of deployment was a trying time for me filled, anxiety, depression and worrying about losing my life to a person whom had no real reason to attack someone working hand in hand with the local population in order to provide adequate healthcare to the surrounding community. Upon return from deployment, I felt broken and alone for a while until I felt it was time to make good on my promise. Based out of Okinawa, Japan I started out with my very first Professor Jay Turner, the leader of Team Choco Okinawa. We were a team that became family instantly made up of Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy service members. Jay’s methodology resonated with me and I was hungry for knowledge. During that time I had competed in multiple local tournaments on Okinawa. Jiu jitsu was a way for me to begin coping post deployment. Of course the first few practices were filled with rage and frustration as I was beginning to work through my PTSD. Everyone was so encouraging and understanding because we all had been deployed before. 

My favorite part about jiu jitsu is the fact that it doesn’t matter if you are in a Gi or focused on NoGi there is always an aspect of your game to build upon. I love the chase and problem solving. 

Challenging myself by competing in major jiu jitsu events and reaching the podium as often as possible. The goal is to become a champion in every major. 

 Fun fact: I am a SCI/FI and Fantasy Nut.