Sophia Magaña

Blue Belt
Instagram: @sophiarose_mma

 I tried jiu jistu out every once and a while with my twin, who is a brown belt, over the years while she was coming up in the sport. It took me 10 years to start after her though. I was always a bit self conscious to start and be held up to her greatness and I struggled with being touched by people. Finally, years later a good friend, Augusto Mendes (founder of soul fighters) convinced me to try and let me train with his team in late 2017. I competed two weeks later and won, it was a wrap from there; I was addicted.

It is quite tricky to nail down one aspect of jiu jitsu that is my favorite. It all ties together, from the love and grind my coach puts my team and I through. My teammates make all the difference on how the sport is shaped to me. Marcio Andre is one of the best coaches in the world, and he makes sure we train as hard as the best team in the world should be training; we cry, laugh and bleed together - that type of bond is what makes the wins amazing, it's what makes showing up to an open mat or tournament, with an MA patch, so prideful. What we work together to build as a team, to execute as an individual and the pride and love we have, is my favorite part of jiujitsu.

My biggest accomplishments in jiu jitsu would be a rooster/ light feather weight consistently competing in absolutes. Being at the top of the podium in an absolute bracket, is an amazing feeling! 

 A fun fact about me.. I absolutely love to micro dose edibles and train, it is the best feeling in the world. The saying by Bruce Lee "move like water" is the only phrase that encompasses the feeling.