Luanna Alzuguir

Black Belt
Instagram: @luannaalzuguir

I have been doing BJJ since I was 9 years old. My mom always gave me and my sister all the support to do sports. In reality it wasn’t even a choice, but she always let us decide which sport we wanted to do. I always had an interest in doing martial arts, but BJJ wasn’t so popular in São Paulo at that time. I don’t know if it was luck or destiny, but a BJJ gym opened really close to my house! I didn’t know what the sport was like, but since the first class, I was sure that it was for me.

My favorite part of Jiu Jitsu is the lifestyle.

My biggest accomplishment in Jiu Jitsu is being in the IBJJF Hall of Fame.

Fun fact: Every time I am about to compete I get so nervous that I feel something funny on my pinky finger, it's like itchy, but I can't really explain it. It's a nervous feeling I feel, as if I have to squeeze and pinch. You can even see in several fights that before entering the mat or even during the fight I make this gesture.