Jena Bishop

Black Belt
Instagram: @jenabishopbjj

I started training jiujitsu in November of 2007. My husband (boyfriend at the time) was training and would use me to practice on so I had him show me a few things. He convinced me to come to a class and I fell in love with the sport almost instantly.

My favorite part about jiu jitsu is that there is always room for improvement. The more I know the less I feel like I know. Learning and innovation never stops.

One of my biggest accomplishments is winning ADCC trials. It was such a fun tournament and getting a spot in ADCC was really special. I would also say I’m really proud of being a part of growing an amazing women’s team.

Fun fact about me is that I was in a rodeo as a child. We got to show our “ponies” but I had to use my aunts horse and I remember him being the tallest horse I’d even been on.