Jarylett Alvarez

Grey Belt
Instagram: @jarylett_alvarez_5pjj

Hello, I’m Jarylett Alvarez from Texas! From the early age of 2 I started exercising with my mom. I could never seen to hold still. I always wanted to do something. At 3 I did tumbling, and at 5 dance, acrobatics. Covid then hit. Not being able to go anywhere I worked out in the garage, and just for fun I made videos with my sister. Kept me going. 

When covid started dying down, and everything started again my mom asked me if I wanted to try something new. I began Jiujitsu, a month before I turned 7 I started with my Professor, Jose Salinas. During my first week, I played gangs in New York a game my professor named. After the class I cried. I was scared. My mom asked me if I wanted to go back. I said yes. The feeling of being scared and not knowing what to expect was a feeling I enjoyed. It made everything seem so much more exciting. Plus I wanted to win. That day I fell in love with Jiujitsu.

I started competing when I felt ready, and i’ve never regretted it. My family have been my biggest supporters since the day I took my first step. My teammates and Professor never telling me that I can’t.In 2023, I went to my first ever PanKids, and won. That day will forever be a day I’m proud of. I’ve been lucky. Achieving stuff I never thought I would, meeting extremely talented people, but most importantly meeting my twin flame.

Everyday I train with love. Competing with myself, challenging my body and mind, with hopes that I will inspire those around me.