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Celebrate CBD Day with HyperflyLabs 324!

It’s March 24th! Aka 3/24 aka CBD Day!

Ok, admittedly, we at HyperflyLabs are the ones who declared 3/24 national CBD day. But, if THC can have its own day on 4/20, why can’t the substance that is literally bringing relief to thousands, if not millions, around the world have its own too?

So there it is. Today is officially CBD day, mark your calendars!

And with the current situation going on around the world we could certainly use a reason to celebrate.

So what is 324 anyway?

Well, to start, 3 represents the third letter in the alphabet, C. 2 represents B, and 4 represents D.

3-2-4 > C-B-D



In 2017 we launched HyperflyLabs which focuses on offering the latest cutting edge technology products in the field of CBD research under the brand, 324.

Why exactly did we launch 324?

After the co-founder of Hyperfly received surgery on his cervical spine, the pain was beyond comprehension. Instead of getting hooked on painkillers, which only mask the pain, he started on a CBD based therapy that relieved him from pain and addiction.

Hear his story below.


Enter 324.

Because CBD had literally saved his life, it became his passion to develop a CBD program that would be specially engineered for fighters and athletes unlike anything else on the market. The result was “324."

CBD is also effective at relieving anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, improving sleep, as well as improving recovery in athletes.

So whether you're anxious about the global situation, having trouble sleeping, or want to improve your recovery from those home workouts (and jiu-jitsu when we get back on the mat!), 324 has you covered.

We currently offer 324 CBD in three different deliver methods; roll-on gel, oil tincture, and soft gels.

So here’s to 3/24!

All 324 products are currently 20% off until 3/29, shop here.

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