Have you ever wanted to design your own gi? Traditionally, kimonos were nothing more than a uniform meant for martial arts practice. Now a days, many are considered a piece of art, with style, beauty, and meaning.

We have created dozens of gis, we have partnered with iconic brands, and we have collaborated with some of the most creative artists in the industry to create truly amazing jiu-jitsu gis.

But now it’s your turn.

We want you to design our next gi.

Let your creativity fly wild. Mix colors, patterns, graphics, labels. The kimono is your canvas.

Just download the attached pdf below and get to it. One design will be chosen and put into production for sale! It’s your chance to reach the masses with your design.

We encourage you to stick to a specific theme in your work, and designs with meaning and purpose will always have more affect than random colors thrown together.

When your design is complete, email it to Creative@HyperflyBrand.com and we will pick a winner by June 5th.

Good luck and enjoy the process.

Click here to download the file or just pull it out from below.(You may need to export it out of the browser)